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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

She loved flowers so much that she became one

the delicate veins stretched out no longer than an inch on the petal
which were pointed towards the sun
by feeling their existence you wanted to sit next to them
and sink away in their silence
it broke the bond of shyness
your identical psyche could then no longer tell you apart
she loved flowers so much the she became one

With the fast pacing rush in our lives we often forget the delicate souls that we are surrounded by. I am referring to ourselves. Sometimes we forget that we too have to be taken care off but how do you actually take care of yourself?

First of all close your eyes. Do you feel that pressure in your head of doing all sorts of things? That’s is what we have to get rid off. We have to let go of the need to always be doing something.

This is often achieved by giving yourself some personal time which is totally individual for every person. Such as it could be meditation, running, journaling, yoga etc. Like I often like to say we all feed our stomach when it is hungry but what about feeding our soul who is yearning for it. That too is in need of food.

I obtain pleasure through exploring and wandering next to my fellow earthlings in the nature. It gives me some kind of peace by being away from the usual lifestyle that we lead. It allows me to forget the pressure that the society puts on us -> got to get a job, got to go to uni, got to get money, got to have a social life etc etc.
These little creatures that we are surrounded by they often help us to remind us that peace comes from within and peace will not be achieved when you run after all these worldly affairs.

So when one believes that peace can be achieved from money then he is wrong. When you start loving yourself from within that is when your inner peace will be achieved.

Sometimes I wonder wether nature is created to remind us of the beauty of life and how we should actually take a pause sometimes from everything that is going on and instead step out in the nature and discover the existence of our fellow world sharers. So wether you have just come back holiday or are just about to go off to school, remember to sometimes take a break from the regularities of life and embrace the beauty around you that is often hidden from your mind from other life problems that you have to deal with.

hope this post inspires you to love and embrace your inner beauty and actual peace that lives within you


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