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Once upon a time to Cambridge


Whilst I am typing this up I am also trying to eat my warm soup quickly before I leave again after only arriving home 13 mins ago. It has been so busy lately even before coming to uni. However the busy-ness also reminded me of the relaxing road trips that I made over the summer, one of them being to Cambridge.

*cough* *cough* this sore throat has been the end of me. I don’t know wether it is the changing weather, sleepless night or wether I am a victim of the fresher’s flu but I have not been the best with my health lately. This made me just sit down and just relax for a minute instead of keep on pushing myself to do more work.
Editing photos and typing up blogposts is something that eases my mind. It brings back all those memories when looking at the photographs again or even talking about them.


The bridge between architecture and nature is beautifully connected by Cambridge intricate details in the city. Although when I first drove into the city (yes I drove here which was about a 2 hour ride ) I didn’t see it as quite a busy place, but as soon as I stepped onto the streets by foot suddenly there was so much more happing around me that I felt like I was in a capital city.

We decided to have a lunch picnic straight away when we arrived. Although we didn’t have anything decided on the agenda, we soon concluded onto going to the Cambridge botanical gardens which was the perfect choice.
The greenery was separated from the city rush and suddenly you felt like you were in some kind of different nature world. By being surrounded by beautiful scenery it didn’t take me a second until I got my sketchbook out.

After spending the whole afternoon there we decided to go this gelato place in town where we also saw the sunset.

Places like Cambridge makes you realise that you don’t always have to go out of the country to have a memorable experience. There are so many beautiful places in England itself (there might be one or two blogposts coming soon about other road trips) that there is not always a need to step out of the country and waste a whole lot of airplane fuel.

Now I will get back to work and I will speak to you next time xxxJazz

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