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Diy Flower Crown

IMG_1910 copy

Since Spring has started there are so many different types of flower crowns that you can buy. Wether it is those massive big ones that are typical for the festival season at Topshop or those subtle everyday casual wearable ones at H&M. Either way I have been loving them.


Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

IMG_1634 copy

Before starting with the actual purpose of this post let me just say Happy Mother’s Day. The day that we give all the love in the world to our mothers. After all, they look after us for 365 days so they need just one teensy weensy little day in which we take care of them instead. Happy Mother’s day mommyxx


How I like my hot chocolate


Heey guys today I wanted to talk about how I layer my hot chocolate with lets say different layers of fat. So let me just say this from the beginning this is not going to be one of those healthy snacking posts. Lets just put it this way it is the Festive season so we are allowed to have treats like these once in a while.


Indian Tea

IMG_0181 copy

Good morning let’s start the day with one of my favourite kind of tea.
I love tea. Especially Indian tea. I have mentioned this before that English tea is not quite the same as Indian tea. I think that this is probably because it has more spices in it just like any Indian food, to tell you the truth.


3 hairstyles for a hat

I loved wearing a hat in the summer but I think that autumn is a really good hat season as well. Actually any season is perfect for it. I’m still looking for a floppy hat which I think is ‘The hat’ for this season. So I thought why not show you some hairstyle inspiration for this season’s must have.


Diy Folders+Notebooks

Hi today I have a diy that I have been busy with since the weekend. I have the diy for folders and for notebooks. As some people use folders at school ( like me ) but most use notebooks at school.