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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

a pop of colour

With the summer season upon us I think that one of the most excited part of it is to experiment and blend with the vibrant colours that we are surrounded by. With so many ways to actually incorporate colour into our outfits, today I shall be showing you one of them.


How to style the puffer jacket

Halfway through winter I decided to get a new coat as it was seriously getting really cold outside. However this time I wanted more of a casual coat/jacket instead of the usual chic duster coats that I always seem to go for. After buying this puffer jacket which has been the ‘it’ garment in the outerwear category for the winter season, I had quite the challenge to style it as I have never had a coat like it before but in todays post I share with you 3 ways of how I like to style it.


Souvenir Scarf

IMG_1567 copy
Okay so the cold has really got me this time. Normally I am not the one who easily gets a cold or a fever but this time I have had them both, one after the other. So when I was searching for some warmer clothes in my closet the other day I found this scarf that I completely forgot about.


Suede Shoes

IMG_0228 copy

A few weeks ago I talked about me wanting to buy suede shoes and let me just say, mission accomplished. I was originally going to wear them here in India but unfortunately the shoes will get ruined (let me just put it this way it is not very clean in india). 


Fancy Nails

IMG_0079 copy

A few years ago when I used to have time on my hands, my obsession with watching nail tutorials started. I kind of lost my love for doing different types of nail designs over the years . However today after a very long time I will be showing you a nail tutorial. Nowadays I hardily even have the time to put nail polish on my nails let alone a design. Since it will be Christmas and New year soon I took the time out to actually do something fancy with my nails.


New brogues

IMG_0223 copy
I always seem to write about my shoes every time I buy a new pair. So I couldn’t break my tradition by not writing about my new brogues.