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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Dreamy coat

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It was about time that I shared my new coat on my Blog. I bought it a few weeks from Asos and since it has arrived I feel like some kind of posh lady haha. Literally it feels so elegant as it is such a dreamy coat.


Outfit Details

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I can’t believe how fast this Autumn season went. It felt like it only just came. Some may see November as part of Winter while it is actually still technically part of Autumn. However the weather outside brrrr. It is already so cold with temperatures falling below 10 degrees, that it does feel like Winter. Although I do have to admit that I am looking forward to snow which will hopefully fall this year!


Latest Favourite shop: UO

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I have been willing to post this blogpost from a very long time now and finally got around to do it. I wanted to tell you about my latest favourite shop. This includes stalking their website non-stop but also the fact that a lot of my clothes have started to be from that shop. So there is a real thing going on here in my wardrobe recently.


2 Autumn hairstyles

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Hey guys today I have two hairstyles for you. You know just in case you are running out of ideas, you have come to the right source;) I have been seeing these hairstyles everywhere so thought about sharing it with you today and showing you how quick and easy they are. Last thing before we get into it, this article actually came in our school newspaper which was so cool that I was able to do that!


Favourite Fall nailpolishes

IMG_0251 copy

If you have been reading my blog for while, then you probably know that I put nail polishes on my nails that go with the season. I love this idea so today I thought I will show you some of my favourite fall nail polishes since we are in the Autumn season now. By the way excuse the white paint on my hand. I had textiles that day.


National Asian Wedding show Event

IMG_0423 copy

When choosing out the pictures (as there were way to many to show you, to be precise at least 700 photos) it just got me so excited to share them with you. These pictures are so beautiful and you will literally fall in love with every single one of them!