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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Striped Dress

IMG_0123 copy

I took these pictures last week but only just managed to squeeze some time into my schedule to quickly edit them now. I wore the dress last week and my gosh I am in love. If I could I would wear this dress literarily everyday (a bit exaggerated haha) but that may be a bit hard as I enjoy coming up with new ideas to wear different items everyday.


Autumn colours

IMG_0017_1 copy

Now that fall is upon on us (today it is officially Autumn) I just had to start my fall blogposts. Today I wanted to talk about those Autumn colours that we need to to look out for the Autumn season. I have put together some Autumn staples that are a must for this season but colour coordinated them. I hope you have as much fun reading the post as much I had creating it.


Love of the Week #7

IMG_0215 copy

I already showed you these rings this week in my video. For the video I didn’t wear the rings so they would stay in the packinging but since I have took it out, I have been wearing it non-stop. Therfore it had to go on my Love of the week (which is already #7!)


New bracelet

IMG_0062 copyy

I am always really keen on buying rings. I just love how the subtle detail of rings can completely change your whole look. However recently my love for bracelets has started to grow as well. Especially subtle ones like the one I will be showing you today.


My current favourite style

IMG_0108 copy

Style, it is such a crucial word in the fashion world. I must have deleted this paragrapgh about a hundred times before finally typing this up. Let’s just put it this way it is not one of the easiest words to describe.


New high-waisted jeans

IMG_0030 copy

Hey guys today another post featuring one of my newly bought jeans which I have been wearing non-stop.