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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

cute hairstyle

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Since this is the season to be the fanciest that you can be, I thought that this hairstyle may be quite cute to do. It is something quite elegant but pretty to look at at the same time. Therefore perfect to try out this holiday season.


Favourite Instagramers

Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again #UOonyou

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Some while ago I quit Instagram for a week. It made me realise how much work I can actually get done. I can definitely say that that one week has made a difference somehow. It has actually made a big impact on my school work. Due to me actually planning out a school schedule instead of spending every minute possible on either Instagram or any form of social media.


2 Autumn hairstyles

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Hey guys today I have two hairstyles for you. You know just in case you are running out of ideas, you have come to the right source;) I have been seeing these hairstyles everywhere so thought about sharing it with you today and showing you how quick and easy they are. Last thing before we get into it, this article actually came in our school newspaper which was so cool that I was able to do that!


Tumblr Inspiration

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Recently I have been more and more on Tumblr. If you follow me you would have noticed my feed getting more and more pictures everyday. If you don’t follow me then click here. There are so many pretty pictures on there so I thought about doing a different kind of post today. A post that involves to choose a picture from tumblr and then take the same type of picture in a similar style.


Back to School bags

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I have been on the struggle of deciding which bag to buy for school this year. I don’t want ‘just’ a backpack as I have always had them and on top of it our sixth form is going to have a dress code of smart clothing this year so a backpack isn’t quite the thing that I am looking for.


Love of the Week #6

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It is already #6 for love of the week but I have been love doing these type of posts ♡