Jazz Rockz

" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

My current style

I love wearing shirts bows and all of the boy-meets-girl-trend. I just think that masculine clothes are way more chilled than feminine clothes. Don’t you think? For Example skirts, every time when the wind blows you have to look out for that the skirt doesn’t go up. While boys could just walk casually with their pants without worrying about anything.


Duster coats Inspiration

Even though I have already ordered my Winter coat I am still looking out for a duster coat for this season. I hope to get one, that when I see it I will absolutely fall in love with it. Some of the bloggers that I follow have the coats that I would love to have but a designer coat is no where near my reach. Still I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.


Mugs inspiration

So autumn is just around the corner and I am already all into it. I just can’t wait. Just about all bloggers are talking about it which gets me excited even more so I had to do a post about it that would be dedicated to one of my favorite season.