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Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins

Is it just with me or do the bananas always get super ripe even before I get to eat them? I like to buy them when they are still a bit green to prevent this from happening however they still seem to get ripe super quick. This is where this awesome chocolate banana muffin recipe comes in handy. Especially because the riper the bananas the sweeter the muffins as I tried to stick to the natural sweetness of the bananas in this recipe rather than adding a whole lot of other sugars into it.

(Maybe wait till the bananas go black before making this ahah)


January Favourites

IMG_0017_3 copy

I normally never post favourites because I feel like they keep on changing every week so I actually never seem to remember. However I am trying to be much more organised by jotting things down. This included details of this blogpost lol.


4 ways to a healthier lifestyle


If there is one way to start of a good day it would most probably be with the thought ‘I shall be eating healthy today’. I see every day as a new opportunity, to improve on the mistakes that I made yesterday. So the fact that the new year is just around the corner doesn’t lead me to make new years resolutions as I make them everyday for myself.


Saturday Night


Getting ready is always my favourite thing to do. Wether it is for an event or a partay. It is just like packing your suitcase to go somewhere, it is always so exciting, but when it comes to unpacking, I literally hate it because that is the part that you actually realise that it’s all over. Wether it is the holiday or the partay, you know that it all has come to an end.


Love moschino


I have had glasses for quite a few years now but I was never really fond of wearing them. Since I am short sighted I don’t have to wear them 24/7 luckily. However I still have to wear them when driving or watching tv as I literally would not be able to see. Everything is blurry in the distance, but as soon as I wear my glasses, everything becomes clear which is a clear sign obviously that is telling me to wear my glasses as much as I can, but still it never really motivate me to do this.


3 Healthy breakfasts

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When it comes to breakfasts I am very specific about them. They are my favourite meal of the day and I don’t think that I have written about any other meal more than breakfast. I think that it is also the only time of the day when I eat something healthy haha.