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The Graze Box


I have already mentioned a lot of times that I am a massive snack fan so when I heard about a special box that gets delivered to your house with actual healthy snacks in it instead of junk food snacks I just had to try it out.


10 reasons for why I am looking forward to Autumn


Now that I am laying sick in my bed it has actually started to occur to me that I am really looking forward to Autumn. Even though having the cold is one of my least favourite things of the arrival of the cold weather, there are still more reasons to look forward to for fall. Today I am just listing a few.


yesterday’s lunch

IMG_0066 copy

This was super delicious and on top of it super healthy as well  so I could not resist myself from sharing it with you guys. I know it looks just like a sandwich but believe me it isn’t just any sandwich. It has the jazz touch to it.


What’s in My Bag (Travelling Edition)

IMG_0802 copy

Hey guys today I have another video for you, like I already mentioned in the post this morning so I hope you enjoy. Also don’t forget to subscribe! 😉


Mason Jar Drink

IMG_1882 copy

I have been experimenting with lots of different types of drinks for my recently purchased mason jar.  One of them being this refreshing drink which I don’t really know what to name so I will just call it the “Refreshing Drink”.


Mason Jar Smoothie

IMG_1869 copy copy

I recently mentioned that I have been obsessed with mason jars which I have been drinking from non-stop. Wether I am doing some school work or just on my laptop doing some blog work, I always like to keep a mason jar around me which I then constantly take a sip from especially because it is getting hotter now.