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5 ways to eat bagels

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I think that most of you know by now that I have a big obsession with bagels they are just my favs. So I thought about putting a blogpost together whereby I show you 5 of my favourite ways of eating bagels. I think after this post you will probably get addicted to it as well. Believe me!


Healthy Breakfast Ideas


This started as a lunch series but I also wanted to start a breakfast series. As I love breakfasts. You know what actually gets me out of bed every morning? Well it is breakfast. It may sound weird but breakfasts just make me happy in the morning so I always like to experiment different things with it.


5 Healthy School Lunches#2


It’s been a while since I have done a healthy lunch post. I love healthy lunches. In a way I am always excited to eat lunch as whenever I make healthy lunches I make it extra special. So today I wanted to share with you 5 different lunch ideas that I enjoy eating at lunch times.


How to: Fuller lips


I have noticed myself that I am lately more and more into beauty. As I posted quite a few beauty related posts lately  but don’t worry fashion is still something that I like way more and is my priority .


5 Healthy School lunches

This post was supposed to be posted since the first week of school which is already 3 weeks ago but I kept re-scheduling it, as I wanted to post something else instead of it. So finally I am posting it.
The last time that I talked about lunches was last year but then I still used to use Weebly so you wont probably find it on here.


Mugs inspiration

So autumn is just around the corner and I am already all into it. I just can’t wait. Just about all bloggers are talking about it which gets me excited even more so I had to do a post about it that would be dedicated to one of my favorite season.