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Cold flare

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Ok let me ask you a question first of all. Can you tell a difference between these photographs and the last blogposts that I have posted? If you cannot then allow me to tell you this, these photographs are from a year ago (insert shocked emoji).


Suede and Sun


You must know by now, sunlight is my weakness. Wether it is the sunrise or sunset. When the beautiful rich rays are seen by my eyes, I will drop everything on the floor and pick up my camera and just hold a photoshoot right there and then.


Burgundy look


Can you sense that feeling? That feeling of blueness. It is a distinct feeling which can only be felt during January. When Christmas and new year are long gone and when we are now instead all headed back to our usual everyday routines.


Stripes and what not


That the stripes trend has forever been a favourite of mine, is probably no secret. I have merged this trend together with my style that it has now become much more of a statement piece that I like to style rather than a basic piece.


Floral prints in the woods


These autumn posts may seem a bit odd to you but here in England it still feels like autumn (even though it is only 1 week till Christmas). The leaves are still hanging colourful in the trees and the temperatures are low but not low enough to make it snow. I guess it is just going to be another year where we will only be singing  ‘I have been dreaming of a white Christmas’ and not actually experiencing it.


Preppy look


It seems to be rather quite on here so it was about time that I showed my face again. After a tiring deadline and a trip down south with college last week, I finally managed to say hi again on here. This time I have a shoot from not very long ago (only about a month). It was a day that I didn’t feel like going outside to take outfit pictures so I just stayed inside in the conservatory but I still managed to achieve an ‘Autumn’ background without involving any leaves.