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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Diwali di Raat



And the darkness is set To light the paths of lights – to make way for the True one
The only one
That can liberate us from this world


Autumn sunlight


The crisp leaves are touched by the setting rays. The rays which contain an ounce of warmth. It urges you to take a full deep breath, taking it all in, before it leaves you alone with the dark cold night which is yet to come.


the sparkly jacket


Expressing ourself is what clothes are all about. Wether you like to dress all in black everyday or just wear the most comfortable baggy clothes in which you don’t care what anybody thinks about you. When it comes to my style, I would say that it surely is preppy but quite adventures at the same time. I usually go for new different pieces but still styling them up in the same way. Like Coco Chanel said ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’.


Red culottes


When I think of Autumn it is not only the season of the layers but also the season of the rich colours. Navy, mustard, khaki and burgandy. They could be called blue, yellow, green and red but no they are ‘special’ colours which can only be worn best in the autumn time.


From green leaves to colour


Slowly the warmer days are disappearing and replaced by the cooler windy days. The type of days where you look confused at your wardrobe as you just do not know what to wear. The sun is out but the temperature is low.  That is when layers of warmth but as well as colours come in handy. Just like a thermostat you can then regulate your layers throughout the day.


Black in Berlin

IMG_0243_1 copy

I love how every city has its own street style. So before going to this hipster city I looked up some of Berlin’s own street style but also colliding it at the same time with my style.