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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Divadames Look

IMG_0017 copy

Experimenting new items and then sharing them onto my blog is one of the reasons that I started blogging. It allows me to try out various things with an actual reason. Lets take these wide trousers for instance. I do not think that I would have ever chosen them if it weren’t for my blog. My blog gives me confidence in my style. Not that I am turning into a right Diva ahaha but I would say that my blog is #myinnerdiva story.


Another choker

IMG_0301_2 copy

Since chokers are on the top Summer wish list even I could not resist trying it out. Although I posted a ‘how to style a choker’ video a few weeks ago, today I wanted to show you the first outfit of when I wore a choker.


white frill

IMG_0110_5 copy

Sometimes black needs to be replaced by white. Especially in the Summer time when lighter colours are needed.


Sun Flare

IMG_0120_4 copy

Those sunny days that instantly bright up your day. Even though you are stuck inside doing revision. When the sun spreads its rays through the window onto your work, that is when you know that the sun is calling you out. It is awakening you from your darkest state with its sun flare.


Pink & Flowers

IMG_0430_2 copy

As soon as the Spring season has sprung, I absolutly cannot resist not wearing my flower crowns. When it comes to hair accesories I have quite the collection. In this outfit I am just featuring one of the many that I have.


Green is bold

IMG_1677 copy

Today’s outfit post is seriously giving off the vibes of January blues (since the outfit pictures were actually taken in January…) It was that typical winter day. With no snow tho, instead it was rainy and incredibly windy.