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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Stripy days

IMG_1605 copy

Stripes always seem to be in whichever season it is. They are so easy to style and just give the vibes of ‘casual-ness’ of. Especially upcoming Spring funky 70s style stripes will be the new trend. On pyjama trousers, shirts or tops. They will be everywhere but till then lets just stick to these simple black and white stripes.


From feeling blue to cute

IMG_1543 copy

Two outfits in a row now isn’t that an achievement. Lets ignore the fact that the outfit was about a month ago.



IMG_0032_1 copy

January has passed by so quickly. With all my mocks going on throughout the month, it made it quite hard to blog. The funny thing is that I still haven’t posted all of my posts from India yet .


Throwback Monday

IMG_0222 copy

An outfit throwback to a Monday in England. It was quite a cold but pretty day on that day which you can tell if you look really carefully. Can you see the sunset in the background?


Glitter Look

IMG_0252 copy

Since my birthday is in the Christmas month I can just casually wear a glitter top to school on my Birthday. It is the season when you can actually randomly wear glitter, without looking like you are trying to make a statement. So of course I took this opportunity.


Throwback Thursday

*IMG_9804 kopie
Since I didn’t have an outfit post to post because I have been so busy recently at school, I though about posting a outfit from Amsterdam. These pictures weren’t in the last Amsterdam post as I wanted to do a separate outfit post anyways. So a long story short here is an outfit post for you today;)