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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

mysterious streets

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Today I am in such a good mood. Not the fact that the weekend has begun and I can take my mind of school but the fact that yesterday before going to sleep it started snowing! I haven’t seen snow since 2 years so this was pretty exciting.


Burgundy kinda day

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This outfit is from Wednesday. Yes the day it was Diwali but also the day I passed my Driving test. So double the happiness! I posted a picture on Instagram whereby some of you lovely people even congratulated me thank you very much!!xxx


Classy white

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This look is from a few weeks ago, when I attended the fashion show in London. Of course I would take the advantage of shooting outfit pictures any time. Even if people look at you very strangely in the middle of a public place or even come in your pictures to photobomb haha (lol I didn’t include those pictures tho).


Feeling blue

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This week has been super busy due to me going to the National Asian Wedding Show last weekend. Unfortunately I would not be able to go to the India Fashion Week this week due to school but if I could then I definitely would have. The show on the weekend was so spectacular and of course there is a post about it coming soon on my blog but for now I have this outfit post for you guys.


Typical Fall

IMG_0112 copy

Hey guys another outfit post today. A typical Autumn outfit. Don’t be mislead by the weather in the background as it was actually quite cold on that day haha


Scottish Scarf

IMG_0021_1 copy

Today another outfit. I have been trying to do more of them as I kind of scraped them in the Summer. Probably because most of the days I was just at home in my most comfortable clothes which weren’t really outfit-pictures worthy. Any who since I have been wearing more ‘fancy’ clothes at school it has really encouraged me to take more outfit pictures.