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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

After rain

IMG_0228 copy

It really has started to get colder now. Even tops with long sleeves are of no use any more. I am just going straight for the jumpers. However a few days ago when these pictures were taken the weather seemed to be a bit warmer. Even though it had just rained. So today I have one of my very last Summer outfits.


When it used to be sunny

IMG_0081 copy.copy

Hey guys today I have another outfit post for you guys as I don’t even remember when I posted the last outfit on my blog.


IMG_0047 copy

Hey guys hope you had a nice weekend. Today another outfit from a few weeks ago but only just got around to editing this post.


Lets Travel The World

IMG_00085 copy

Hey there. Today, I finally have the ultimate Edinburgh outfit for you guys which is actually just a warm up for the video that will be posted on Friday.


Back to Black

IMG_0073 copy

Today I have an outfit for you guys which I know isn’t really a summery outfit but I felt like going back to black again.


Outfit Details

IMG_2040 copy

This outfit was from a few weeks ago but I completely forgot about it. Anyways I quickly edited it and posted on ma blawg.