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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Summer Look

IMG_2022 copy

Now that it is officially summer I am trying to post more outfits as they are easier to take .In the winter time it gets darker quicker so I thought lets just make the most out of the sun while it lasts.


spring outfit

IMG_1676 copy copy

Hey guys I had to make some time for this post whether I did have school work or not and just put my school work aside for a minute. I have been so busy lately. Unfortunately it hasn’t been that busy on my blog though but I hope to post a lot more this week (hopefully) 😉


Sunny but black


Hey guys wasn’t the weather the perfects in what it seemed like forever. The sun was just lovely this weekend. I wish every weekend was like this. At least then I would look up to going to school during the week and then enjoying the sun at the weekend as my treat;)


Snowy Days


These photos were actually taken last week but I just didn’t have any time to edit and post them online. I finally managed to share with you an outfit where I am wearing my latest favourite outfit.


My very last Post


I can’t believe that I am typing my very last post of 2014. ‘This is the end…hold your breath and count till ten’. Sorry I just remembered these lyrics from Adele’s song Skyfall. I just think it goes really well with the situation right now.

In today’s post I just wanted to recap some things that happened this year. Just the key things so don’t worry it wont be a massive post ( at least I hope so). I only wanted to mention the things that really stand out this year and that would make 2014 a memorable year. So later on when I talk to my grandchildren I would tell them the key things that I did in 2014.

Into the Woods


Today we went for a walk into the Forest. It was freezing cold but we still decided to go and I was glad we did as I took so many detailed pictures. Although in this post I have only shown the outfit pictures instead of the other pictures I took.