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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Red cheer

We have never really celebrated Christmas. Instead winter breaks were always spent in India. However lately education has been taking priority so that has been a difficult part. So the last few years have been spent in England where I have been able to fully experience the ‘Christmas spirit’.
I was looking through some old photographs from the Summer when I came across these from the wedding when I was a bridesmaids and somehow it reminded me of the Christmas spirit so thought about editing and posting these photographs (to actually seem productive :P)


j a s m i n e a n d w o r d s

Hey you, it’s me Jasmine. The person that used to come on here at least once a week and chat about her weekly doses of nothing and everything. I still exist fyi, I just don’t seem to come and show my face on here anymore and talk about that randomness as I used to. I felt like I was forcing myself. That flow and enthusiasm that I used to have just wasn’t there anymore. So I stepped away and felt like I wouldn’t return anytime soon. However this brain of mine just wouldn’t agree to that and it once again wanted to come to this platform and write about something. I don’t know about what but just something.


Late night walks

We all have those days when life doesn’t seem to go our way. It may be a small thing which will then end up affecting us the whole day or even the whole week. However in these difficult moments we must still look around us and actually appreciate what we do have instead of focusing on things that we don’t have.


What I ate today #3


Writing about food is actually something that really excites me as I am not only the one that is always taking fashion photos but I am also really into food photography. I was even considering myself about making another blog that would consist of only food recipes. However since I am already a very busy gal that already struggles with posting at least once a week on this blog, another one would just be out of the question.


Lights out


Whichever religion we may be from or whether you don’t believe in God at all, we all love to light up when it gets dark. So no wonder that these colder days involve a lot of festivals that include a lot of rituals to do with lights.


Late Birthday wishes


Exactly a week ago these photographs were being taken whilst I was having my ‘special’ day. Although the day seemed normal it was the night that made it special.