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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

creeping in like the sun


It actually seems pre historic now since I have posted on here again. Normally my motivation kind of has up and downs but lately lets just say it has been very much down. Even though my Instagram has been much more active than my blog, even on that social media I was just not feeling. I just wanted to back out a bit. Step away from theses platforms which I am constantly too obsessed about.


Black look


Photography has always been a passion of mine and this especially expanded when I got a camera about 3 years ago. Suddenly I was able to take photographs with very good quality and have amazing results which excited me even more. However this excitement grew even more when I got the 50 mm lens. I mean if you are into photography there is no way that you have not heard of this lens which I just see as my baby.


Messy hair don’t care



Not that ‘I just woke up like thissss’ but still you can quite compare this look to it (as my mother would haha). Wavy beach hair has become part of my daily routine in which some people have actually started to think that this is my natural hair which I don’t mind at all.


Darker Days

IMG_0114_2 copy

I have always had this thing for sun photography. Whether it involves only the sun in it or an actual person in the photograph. Even when we go to India (just about every year), one of the most exciting things that I look forward to is the sun. There is just something very beautiful about the sun in India, but in todays post I had a photoshoot with England’s sun 😉


What I ate today #2

IMG_0394_2 copy

Although this what I ate today, as this day only started for me hehe. It was what I ate on Tuesday. Lately I have been really into food photography. You know when you have random phases of photography. So I thought I will just do a blogpost about what I eat on a random day and that way I can even share some of the pretty pictures. Just to point out this is literally what I eat on a day as I did not suddenly think omg I have to eat something healthy or show that I don’t eat a lot on a day. No nothing like that. 


i’m back

IMG_1656 copy

There really is no point in saying sorry or anything like that. I want to post when I feel like it and recently the motivation for posting or just for doing anything at all has been very much down.