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July 2015 in pictures


Oke so July was a pretty big month, which I just realised. It did feel like there was a lot more on my agenda so today I have way more pictures than usually to show you.


Last Day in Edinburgh

IMG_0491 copy

Hey guys it was about time that I finally posted about my last day In Edinburgh. In the video that I posted on Sunday you could already see what I was up to, but today I wanted to show you the exact places (including the names) that I visited.


Edinburgh Day 2

IMG_0311 copy

Today I wanted to start talking about day 2 as this is the day when we fully got to explore Edinburgh till it fullest. After all it was the longest day that we had.


Trip to Edinburgh

IMG_0046 copyc

I already mentioned before that I was going for a short trip to Edinburgh which has literarily stolen my heart! It is such a beautiful city even better than the pictures that I will be showing you today, of day one. It is officially on my list of top ten cities to visit again.


What I Ate Today

IMG_0368 copy

Hi today I have another video for you guys which was actually from last week, but I still wanted to share it so I hope you enjoyxx


Sunday Morning Breakfast

IMG_0088 copy

Hi today I just wanted to have a personal post which I love having once in a while. That way I can just tell what I recently have been up to or in this case what I will be up to the next few weeks.