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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

and the year just flew by


At the beginning of the year I wrote myself a letter. You know the future me. The one that is typing this right now. Since writing the letter so much has changed. This doesn’t only include my knowledge, my character, my surroundings but also the time.


The petite bag

IMG_0163_5 copy

I have never really liked carrying a massive bag with me everywhere I go. This often leads me to not carrying a bag at all as the main thing that I normally need is right beside me, my phone. However when we are going shopping or just for a meal I like to take some tissues, wipes or lip balm with me which is not something I could fit altogether into my jean or coat pockets.


Delicate purchases

IMG_0203_1 copy

A while ago I went Spring shopping (you know before all the exam stress came about) and I bought some cute bits and pieces. Today I wanted to show some of the Jewellery that I bought.


Winter beauty essentials


I have been leaning more and more to my teas and hot chocolates, the trees are loosing their precious leaves and the house seems to be so cold that I have to wear at least 2 jumpers. This can only mean one thing that Winter is officially here (but also the fact that I don’t let anyone turn the radiators higher than 18 degrees haha). Well technically tomorrow when it will be the shortest day of the year.


Muji Pen

IMG_0032_1 copy

I bought this pen a few weeks ago when I went school shopping. It is just so amazing that it was even worth taking the time out and writing a post about it.


The Graze Box


I have already mentioned a lot of times that I am a massive snack fan so when I heard about a special box that gets delivered to your house with actual healthy snacks in it instead of junk food snacks I just had to try it out.