Jazz Rockz

" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

flores de primavera

suffocated with the grey clouds
i long for those forgotten days
of having a picnic next to the apple tree
or when my skin still knew the definition of vitamin D


Sante Gelato

Looking back at the old posts that I still need to post, I realised that I still had a few from Barcelona and since it’s so cold outside and the only thing that I still look forward to is a hot cup of tea in my hands, I wanted to get some of the Summer feeling that I had 2 months ago in Barcelona.



Praktik Bakery


el segon dia

Then I came around to editing the second day of our journey, you know the ‘actual proper day’ in Barcelona. Today we woke up to the Barcelona sun with breakfast waiting downstairs for us. We knew that we had a big day in front off us with the pre-planned itinerary but also with some of our own adventurous plans.


To Barcelona

It is finally here, the long anticipated video for which even I was super excited about. With so much content filmed and photographed I am proud to say that I reduced it to 5 mins only.



Is there a fancy title needed for this beautiful city? The name on its own already does justice to it. A unique name for a unique city.

For an instant you had to believe that all the cold and bitterness was left behind. We were now standing on fresh ground where new memories were to be made and new adventures were to be experienced. Unknown of the next 4 days we made our first step from the airplane to the ground. Blinded by the illuminate bright light, looking about, searching around for that one warmly friend that we all were desperate to be greeted by. You could feel its presence with the hot air and high temperatures but it still seemed to be hiding somewhere behind one or two clouds.