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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "


Is there a fancy title needed for this beautiful city? The name on its own already does justice to it. A unique name for a unique city.

For an instant you had to believe that all the cold and bitterness was left behind. We were now standing on fresh ground where new memories were to be made and new adventures were to be experienced. Unknown of the next 4 days we made our first step from the airplane to the ground. Blinded by the illuminate bright light, looking about, searching around for that one warmly friend that we all were desperate to be greeted by. You could feel its presence with the hot air and high temperatures but it still seemed to be hiding somewhere behind one or two clouds.


At Toki with Lauresque



Exactly 7 weeks ago I would have been in the anticipation of a good day. Even though it was my last day in Amsterdam and the rain was tapping against the window. I knew that I wouldn’t have stepped outside if it wasn’t for this meet-up.


Zandvoort Zon

IMG_0707 copy

With wind through my hair, I slowly walk through the soft sand and I listen to the waves of the water which I can see in the distance. There is the slightest glow from the sun but it doesn’t matter that the sun isn’t in its full radiance today as all that I needed that day was a quite place to get away from the ever so busy city days.


Bagel and Beans

IMG_0559 copy

Every city has those cute little shops. Something that sets the city apart. Now Amsterdam does not only have its typical coffee shops but there are also so many good cafes. One of which you will get to know today.


Summer Adventures 2016


Here it is then the video that took me ages to edit (6 hours exactly). I basically transferred 1 hour long content into just about 12 min. So this is my Summer 2016 in 12 min. I hope you enjoyxx


zomerse straten

IMG_0661 copy

The streets of Amsterdam have something special.  The unique cafes, vintage shops and the sun glistening in the ‘grachten’ all adds up to the vibe. Of course it has to be in your luck to see the sun as just like England the weather can change instantly.