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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Last rays of the Sun

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The past few weeks have been relaxing with series, rushing with catching trains in a foreign country and just doing stuff that you normally never feel like doing. For example cleaning up the clothes wardrobe. Every year at the end of the summer I give my massive wardrobe a changeover. It just makes me feel like I am having a fresh start with new ideas for outfits and I always like the way I can see my style changing throughout the years.


sunset in amsterdam

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I kept looking outside the window at the beautiful architecture of the Netherlands that was already present there even though we were nowhere near Amsterdam yet.

We arrived at Hamburg and then we arrived at Osnabrück however when we arrived in the Netherlands there was something different. Straight away you were able to tell that you were in a different country. The nature, the view, the buildings. Everything was so different which just makes you realise that every single country in this huge world is just worth visiting because it is just like you are visiting a different part of the universe.


Berlin Bahnhof

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Till the last day we were still on the lookout for what more can we do in this historical city before we depart from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Wandering the streets like no commoners we once again were lost somewhere in the small streets in the search for Bebelplatz where the book burning took place. Since it was under construction we were not able to see it even though I was really looking forward to it.


Deutsche Straßen

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Every city has a different story with its own history and culture. The architecture is especially something that speaks out to me and with my eye for photography I am always on the lookout for unique intricate details in the city which cannot be found somewhere else. In Berlin especially there is a twist of old and modern buildings coming through. I was especially on the lookout for the clashes between East and West. I loved the way that two sides had started to merge together but there were still relevant difference between them.


Guten Morgen

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Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

Travelling leaves you with life long lessons, memories and reasons to travel even more. Going to Berlin has really powered the idea of backpacking through Europe one day. Visiting even more countries and making even more memories or learning life lessons. One lesson that I have learned for sure is that having a brunch is money saving as well. Just about every day we went to have a brunch at 11 ish which got our lunch and breakfast covered in one go. It’s is not a life changing lesson that I have learned haha but definitely money saving for the next time we go travelling.


Abendessen in Aspendos

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The first night we just had dinner at Maccies as it was late and we couldn’t really find anything else except the bright yellow ‘M’ light. However on our second night we saw this fancy place while on our way to the dungeons and we planned that after the dungeons we will dine here.