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Jewish memorial

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Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

I have always taken a great interest in the world wars. Especially what it did to the innocent people. This included also the most targeted community. Therefore one of the reasons of going to Berlin was also visiting and finding more about what happened to Jews in Germany. At some places I even thought of the fact that only about 70 years ago a lot would have been happening on the grounds of Berlin. Right where I was standing.


East & West

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‘High in the sky between the clouds. I am just getting over the fact that I am actually going to Berlin which I only booked less than a month ago’.

In todays post I will be taking you through my first day in Berlin for which I had to wake up at 3am and I actually had breakfast at 5.30 . We arrived at the Berlin Tegel airport at 9.10 and after dropping our luggage off at our rooms off we went onto discovering more about this historical city.


Arrived in Berlin

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We have been in this hipster city for a few days now and with no internet it is hard to keep my blog up to date. Currently I am in the train and I am actually leaving this vibrant and liberal city. However the getting lost in this massive city, the vibes and just the history of this city will just continue to attract me to it and I will surely be coming back to it one day.


Taj Mahal

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I still have so many pictures from India to share with you guys. Today I thought I will share some of the Taj Mahal pictures that I took upon our visit. It was a magical and a very interesting place to visit as it has so much history attached to it but also the architecture was just incredibly beautiful.


Delhi Gurdwaras

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Tuesday the 22nd of December, the day that we went to New Delhi. I still remember that night as one of the most nervous nights yet. I was so excited as this was one of the main highlights of going to India.


arrived in india

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It has been a few days now since I have been back from India. It was an incredible 2 weeks. Whereby I have to admit that I did not do a lot of school work. However this doesn’t mean that we just lazed around doing nothing. Instead we tried to do something new everyday. Going on an adventure everyday by visiting new places. Even on the first day when we arrived in India, in the afternoon. Before going to my dad’s village we decided to visit a Gurdwara nearby.