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Sunny but black


Hey guys wasn’t the weather the perfects in what it seemed like forever. The sun was just lovely this weekend. I wish every weekend was like this. At least then I would look up to going to school during the week and then enjoying the sun at the weekend as my treat;)


Giveaway! NSPA Luxury Bathing

IMG_1533 copy

It is finally time to announce my very first Giveaway. I am so excited to finally tell you about it as today is also the day that I am posting my 100th Post!


Blogger Style Steal #3

IMG_7068 copy

Today I wanted to share another blogger with you guys. I have been following Ritu quite a while now so really wanted to share her style on my blog.


How I style Shirts


If you have been following my blog from a long time, you probably know by now that I love shirts. I could just about wear them everyday ( I think that I actually do). There are so many different ways that you can style them and so many different materials in which you can buy them. Today I wanted to show you 5 different ways to combine them. 


Rimmel London nailpolish


I bought this beautiful rich colour some time before Christmas. I lost it somewhere in my nail polish stash but when I found it last week, I didn’t had to think twice before applying it. 


Daily Look#2

Christmas Eve is near and I know that every is looking out for that perfect Christmas dress. So I created another look on Daily Look to show you how I would style a oufit for Christmas Eve.