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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Sale Shopping

Hi sorry you haven’t heard of me in while but I had to do some last-minute shopping packing and just about everything you need to do before you leave for your holiday. Although I also had some in-between things which you may would have known off if you follow me on Instagram. Anyways I have been willing to post this video since Friday but it has been one long weekend so finally it is here. So I present to you my very first Haul. I hope you enjoy.

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We have all heard of the little black dress but that is sooo last season. This season it is all about the little white dress. It is such a light summary edit to the dress. Afterall black does attract the most sun. So I have put together a lot of cute but fancy at the same time little white dresses I hope you like it. There also may be a part 2 to this.


Slogan tees

This trend has been going on since last year and I love it. Even though I don’t I have a lot of t-shirts with slogans on them I would love to buy more of them because I always love reading the text on other people’s t-shirts as it kind of describe them without themself saying any words. If you know what I mean. The one that I am wearing in this picture is from h&m and it says ‘you can sit with us’. It is quite funny because last year the trend was to have a t-shirt with the text ‘you can’t sit with us’ so I had to take this one.



It is the time of the year to go on Holiday. Yes finally I have waited quite long for this and it is finally here. I am so excited. This year I am going to Amsterdam again but I think that that city never gets boring you will always find something to do.


First post

Hi I am Jasmine but you could call me Jazz. I am not a newbie at blogging but I am a newbie at wordpress. I used to use weebly but I have stepped over to wordpress as it has more flexibility with the themes etc.  Although I have never worked with codex before so if there are any mistakes please let me know.
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I like to blog about fashion especially, but sometimes have a bit of lifestyle mixed through it as well.