Jazz Rockz

" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "


When it comes to fashion I have always had a passion for it. Even from a young age I loved cutting out pictures from fashion magazines and sticking them onto a collage and then writing about it. Later on I discovered the blogging world. At first I just used to read blogs however as my love grew for blogs I started off blogging myself which I utterly enjoy! I have always loved talking about fashion openly. So now through my blog I like to share my thoughts about it.  Not only that I share all different kinds of things such styling tips, outfits and posts about current trends. You can also see a bit of lifestyle coming through with recipes and sometimes even vlogs and personal updates. I hope to carry this blog a long way with me as this is only just the beginning of my journey.

IMG_0120_4 copy

On my blog I like to express just about everything that I am thinking or experiencing currently. Sometimes blogposts just randomly pop into my head which I then quickly have to jot down before I forget as I get inspiration from literally everywhere. It can be the most random places or even sometimes when I have almost fallen asleep in bed, something just pops into my head which I then quickly have to jot down somewhere.

In my free time other than blogging I also enjoy talking to and messing about with my camera who is one of my best buddies as well as adding more to my art portfolio which I enjoy creating. Sometimes I also show some bits and pieces on my blog when I discover some new kind of technique with mixed media #1 #2. You will never see me doing nothing as I enjoy doing something constantly.

If you have any questions or anything that you would like to say then don’t hesitate and just contact me by email or social media which you can find at the top right hand corner.

Email: info@jazzrockz.com