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a vegan breakfast

Hey guys I posted a video on Sunday in which I shared with you one of my all time favourite breakfast and to top it off it is vegan as well.


How to style the puffer jacket

Halfway through winter I decided to get a new coat as it was seriously getting really cold outside. However this time I wanted more of a casual coat/jacket instead of the usual chic duster coats that I always seem to go for. After buying this puffer jacket which has been the ‘it’ garment in the outerwear category for the winter season, I had quite the challenge to style it as I have never had a coat like it before but in todays post I share with you 3 ways of how I like to style it.


a snowy day

For today’s video I take you to a winter wonderland in Englando hehe it finally snowed here after much anticipation and I couldn’t have been more thrilled than to go outside and film the little adventure with my younger brother.


Embroidered flowers

With my interviews and portfolios starting to settle down after this week, I finally had some time to sit down and type up this blogpost. It always feels good to get a cup of tea and to just down behind my laptop and just let out all of my thoughts and feelings out onto this blog.


January Favourites

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I normally never post favourites because I feel like they keep on changing every week so I actually never seem to remember. However I am trying to be much more organised by jotting things down. This included details of this blogpost lol.


Wall update

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With so much inspiration on the loose around me eventually this wall would have been growing. It was just over the Summer when I posted a blogpost about travel cards that I had been collecting and then sticking on the wall and now it has grown more into a diverse platform where I like to stick things on that inspire me.