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a snowy day

For today’s video I take you to a winter wonderland in Englando hehe it finally snowed here after much anticipation and I couldn’t have been more thrilled than to go outside and film the little adventure with my younger brother.


Embroidered flowers

With my interviews and portfolios starting to settle down after this week, I finally had some time to sit down and type up this blogpost. It always feels good to get a cup of tea and to just down behind my laptop and just let out all of my thoughts and feelings out onto this blog.


January Favourites

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I normally never post favourites because I feel like they keep on changing every week so I actually never seem to remember. However I am trying to be much more organised by jotting things down. This included details of this blogpost lol.


Wall update

IMG_0419 copy

With so much inspiration on the loose around me eventually this wall would have been growing. It was just over the Summer when I posted a blogpost about travel cards that I had been collecting and then sticking on the wall and now it has grown more into a diverse platform where I like to stick things on that inspire me.


Fuji Instax mini 90 snaps

IMG_0109_1 copy

Looking at something can be defined in so many different ways in which a lot of features have to be taken into considerations. It is about how you look at the colours, the elements involved in it but also the whole scene that is going on at the same time. We all interpret things so differently that even these eyes define things around us in such a way as 2 artist would paint their surroundings. Both of their works would then be interpreted so differently that even their art work would then again be defined in so many different ways by our eyes.

IMG_0104_1 copy

This is the beauty of art. Wether that comes through a painting, a fashion garment or in this case a photograph.
When you look into even greater detail when it comes to photography, there are again so many different ways to take them which result into different outcomes. From a phone camera to a disposable camera or from a dslr to a polaroid camera and then don’t get me started on the amount of diverse cameras that you can get within them sections.


Cold flare

IMG_0314_2 copy

Ok let me ask you a question first of all. Can you tell a difference between these photographs and the last blogposts that I have posted? If you cannot then allow me to tell you this, these photographs are from a year ago (insert shocked emoji).