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3 hairstyles for a hat

I loved wearing a hat in the summer but I think that autumn is a really good hat season as well. Actually any season is perfect for it. I’m still looking for a floppy hat which I think is ‘The hat’ for this season. So I thought why not show you some hairstyle inspiration for this season’s must have.


Autumn essentials #1


Today I was actually quite happy that it was a rainy and miserable day outside because that meant that I could finally wear my new coat and my new shawl. I was looking forward to this day for weeks. It was quite cold outside but not cold enough to wear a scarf with a coat last week but today I think summer officially said ba-bye.


Personal Update

I think it was about time to do a personal update and let you guys know about what I have been up to and why I haven’t been blogging for the past few days.


Today was Mint


Even though it is autumn, summer still doesn’t seem to go completely but I don’t mind because I love this combination of the weather.It is quite warm but a cool breeze cools you down.  You can’t really wear any half sleeves. So the top that I am wearing now is perfect for it. It is long sleeve but is quite light and airy.


Duster coats Inspiration

Even though I have already ordered my Winter coat I am still looking out for a duster coat for this season. I hope to get one, that when I see it I will absolutely fall in love with it. Some of the bloggers that I follow have the coats that I would love to have but a designer coat is no where near my reach. Still I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.


Well Hello Autumn

The season finally came. The one and only. That we all bloggers have been waiting for. It is officially Autumn. So I could not resist putting my first day of Autumn outfit online.