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What I ate today #3


Writing about food is actually something that really excites me as I am not only the one that is always taking fashion photos but I am also really into food photography. I was even considering myself about making another blog that would consist of only food recipes. However since I am already a very busy gal that already struggles with posting at least once a week on this blog, another one would just be out of the question.


Suede and Sun


You must know by now, sunlight is my weakness. Wether it is the sunrise or sunset. When the beautiful rich rays are seen by my eyes, I will drop everything on the floor and pick up my camera and just hold a photoshoot right there and then.


Burgundy look


Can you sense that feeling? That feeling of blueness. It is a distinct feeling which can only be felt during January. When Christmas and new year are long gone and when we are now instead all headed back to our usual everyday routines.


and the year just flew by


At the beginning of the year I wrote myself a letter. You know the future me. The one that is typing this right now. Since writing the letter so much has changed. This doesn’t only include my knowledge, my character, my surroundings but also the time.


Lights out


Whichever religion we may be from or whether you don’t believe in God at all, we all love to light up when it gets dark. So no wonder that these colder days involve a lot of festivals that include a lot of rituals to do with lights.


4 ways to a healthier lifestyle


If there is one way to start of a good day it would most probably be with the thought ‘I shall be eating healthy today’. I see every day as a new opportunity, to improve on the mistakes that I made yesterday. So the fact that the new year is just around the corner doesn’t lead me to make new years resolutions as I make them everyday for myself.