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The other day

This outfit is from last last Friday but I finally have the time to post it.


Festival Outfits

I have edited this video since 3 weeks but didn’t have the time to post it because of all the holiday rush and everything so now that I am back, this is the first thing that I am doing. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to subscribexx



Today we went swimming and it was so much fun! We went at 12 o’clock and returned at just about 6. So it was a very long day.


Photo Diary| Part 2


Hi so today I will be off to the market side of Amsterdam as there are a lot of markets here with a lot of pretty vintage stuff which I love. But before I go I thought that I will quickly post this post. As I have a lot of plans for the next couple of days so may be too busy to post anything


Photo diary| Part 1

phot diary

Hi so I have been in Holland, well in Amsterdam since Monday. So I thought it would be nice to do a picture diary as I haven’t done a post in a while now .
Today, We went on a boat trip through the city and it was so beautiful. I will post that tomorow if I have time. I also took some outfit photos so they will be soon on my blog as well.


Sale Shopping

Hi sorry you haven’t heard of me in while but I had to do some last-minute shopping packing and just about everything you need to do before you leave for your holiday. Although I also had some in-between things which you may would have known off if you follow me on Instagram. Anyways I have been willing to post this video since Friday but it has been one long weekend so finally it is here. So I present to you my very first Haul. I hope you enjoy.

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