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creeping in like the sun


It actually seems pre historic now since I have posted on here again. Normally my motivation kind of has up and downs but lately lets just say it has been very much down. Even though my Instagram has been much more active than my blog, even on that social media I was just not feeling. I just wanted to back out a bit. Step away from theses platforms which I am constantly too obsessed about.


November vibes


Hey guys today I take you on a journey through my eyes. I took some small videos in November and now I have put it together into one video.


Preppy look


It seems to be rather quite on here so it was about time that I showed my face again. After a tiring deadline and a trip down south with college last week, I finally managed to say hi again on here. This time I have a shoot from not very long ago (only about a month). It was a day that I didn’t feel like going outside to take outfit pictures so I just stayed inside in the conservatory but I still managed to achieve an ‘Autumn’ background without involving any leaves.


Sweater Weather Lookbook


The cold air of Autumn is fast approaching which lead me to make this lookbook. I hope it inspires you to still look fashionable in these cold days. I tried to create quite a variety of looks and not trying to keep them too similar. Let me know if you like the results of it just as much as I doxx


Diwali di Raat



And the darkness is set To light the paths of lights – to make way for the True one
The only one
That can liberate us from this world


Saturday Night


Getting ready is always my favourite thing to do. Wether it is for an event or a partay. It is just like packing your suitcase to go somewhere, it is always so exciting, but when it comes to unpacking, I literally hate it because that is the part that you actually realise that it’s all over. Wether it is the holiday or the partay, you know that it all has come to an end.