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Diwali di Raat



And the darkness is set To light the paths of lights – to make way for the True one
The only one
That can liberate us from this world


Saturday Night


Getting ready is always my favourite thing to do. Wether it is for an event or a partay. It is just like packing your suitcase to go somewhere, it is always so exciting, but when it comes to unpacking, I literally hate it because that is the part that you actually realise that it’s all over. Wether it is the holiday or the partay, you know that it all has come to an end.


Autumn sunlight


The crisp leaves are touched by the setting rays. The rays which contain an ounce of warmth. It urges you to take a full deep breath, taking it all in, before it leaves you alone with the dark cold night which is yet to come.


the sparkly jacket


Expressing ourself is what clothes are all about. Wether you like to dress all in black everyday or just wear the most comfortable baggy clothes in which you don’t care what anybody thinks about you. When it comes to my style, I would say that it surely is preppy but quite adventures at the same time. I usually go for new different pieces but still styling them up in the same way. Like Coco Chanel said ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’.


Love moschino


I have had glasses for quite a few years now but I was never really fond of wearing them. Since I am short sighted I don’t have to wear them 24/7 luckily. However I still have to wear them when driving or watching tv as I literally would not be able to see. Everything is blurry in the distance, but as soon as I wear my glasses, everything becomes clear which is a clear sign obviously that is telling me to wear my glasses as much as I can, but still it never really motivate me to do this.


Black look


Photography has always been a passion of mine and this especially expanded when I got a camera about 3 years ago. Suddenly I was able to take photographs with very good quality and have amazing results which excited me even more. However this excitement grew even more when I got the 50 mm lens. I mean if you are into photography there is no way that you have not heard of this lens which I just see as my baby.