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Red culottes


When I think of Autumn it is not only the season of the layers but also the season of the rich colours. Navy, mustard, khaki and burgandy. They could be called blue, yellow, green and red but no they are ‘special’ colours which can only be worn best in the autumn time.


1 Dress 2 Cities


Hey guys today I have another video in which I show you how I styled this 1 dress 2 different ways in two different cities. I also show a bit more of the cities that I visited from a bit closer. I hope you enjoyxx


From green leaves to colour


Slowly the warmer days are disappearing and replaced by the cooler windy days. The type of days where you look confused at your wardrobe as you just do not know what to wear. The sun is out but the temperature is low.  That is when layers of warmth but as well as colours come in handy. Just like a thermostat you can then regulate your layers throughout the day.


At Toki with Lauresque



Exactly 7 weeks ago I would have been in the anticipation of a good day. Even though it was my last day in Amsterdam and the rain was tapping against the window. I knew that I wouldn’t have stepped outside if it wasn’t for this meet-up.


Zandvoort Zon

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With wind through my hair, I slowly walk through the soft sand and I listen to the waves of the water which I can see in the distance. There is the slightest glow from the sun but it doesn’t matter that the sun isn’t in its full radiance today as all that I needed that day was a quite place to get away from the ever so busy city days.


Bagel and Beans

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Every city has those cute little shops. Something that sets the city apart. Now Amsterdam does not only have its typical coffee shops but there are also so many good cafes. One of which you will get to know today.